Furniture design

If you are not happy with what is offered in the furniture stores and wish that your home, office or business space would stand out from others, or if the rooms you use literally demand furniture with character, do not hesitate to contact us.

We design and produce tailor made furniture and are also ready to develop the small series products and comprehensive product families.

In our vision, good furniture is functional, ergonomic and aesthetically enjoyable.

This can be achieved by thorough groundwork upon mapping the needs, carefully considered technical solutions, attractive and smart details and high quality materials.


For the furniture manufacturer

We help you in all development stages from mapping the wishes and purposes, from market researches and creation of the product concept until the prototyping, product development and product launching to create furniture with individual character.

We will be glad to help you with marketing materials like product catalogs, printed matters and product photos so that your product could succeed in the market and present consistently your values and message.